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Reliable and easy to integrate SMS APIs

Provision the numbers on your platform, you can interconnect with different protocols :


2Customized API


As an example :

URL : https://[your script name]
Content-Type: application/json
"id": "1234567890"
"from": "[sender]",
"message": "[message content]",
"to": "[recipient number]",

Must-Have SMS API Services in Minutes

These are essential features that are included in our SMS API services.
Depending on the use case different type of numbers may be used: virtual mobile numbers, short codes, alphanumerical etc.


Alerts and Notifications

With our SMS Gateway API, you can send automated notifications to remind important events or updates.

Two-Factor Authentication

Send dynamic verification codes that change with every user, so no one else can use them!

SMS Marketing

Create a personalized experience that ensures your audience feels valued and appreciated at every step of the process.

SMS Autoresponder

Why not take advantage of sending SMS API that will respond while you're away?

SMS Survey

Conduct surveys and send messages with the click of one button!

Appointment Reminders

Send automated reminder messages for reduced no-shows.


SMS APIs are an easy way to integrate SMS messaging into your existing software. The API allows you to send or receive messages quickly and easily through any website or application, so it can be convenient to send reminders about orders and collect feedback from customers on what they think needs improvement in some business regions.

Reach out to experts to get access to SMS APIs as they can guide you through a flawless implementation journey. We can also advise you in this process; drop an email to us: [email protected]

The SMS API is a quick and easy way to send or receive messages from any website. With this service, you can use your phone's texting capabilities without having an email account with plenty of storage space for all those essential chats!

The SMS gateway or MMS gateway is a computer system that can send and receive text messages using SMS or MMS between local networks and international ones. It allows businesses to reach customers quickly without having had an expensive landline phone line set up!

The Messaging API enables developers to implement various messaging technologies in an application via a single programmable interface. These third-party APIs are usually offered by providers who have access to global carrier networks, allowing them to facilitate traditional SMS / MMS messages and modern Chat types such as voice chat and video chats through their PaaS cloud model for text input or photo-sharing efforts.

When you want to reach a friend, but they're not near their phone - just send an SMS from the web browser. An international SMS gateway service can help make this easier for them!